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The world of casino news never fails to give surprises to players, as strange happenings take place on a regular basis. Just the other day a young man who yelled the word Bingo on a bingo hall got sent to jail (click here to read about the occurrence) and who knows what will happen in the future. Even if the house always ends up winning, us, the enthusiasts also win with these individuals that steal the spotlight from the games, even if it is for a little while.

This clown wasn’t bluffing!

Last week, disguised as a clown and amid the Halloween party that prepared the grounds, an individual raided the Monticello casino, located about 50 kilometers south of the Chilean capital. The Monticello casino is one of the most well regarded casinos to be found on South America.  The Monticello has been functional since the early 90s, receiving among its halls many of the best casino games players of the world.

The police informed that the subject entered the casino game room by a side door carrying a weapon that fired shots into the air, a situation that caused widespread panic among customers of the entertainment center. Among the chaos, the man proceeded to steal $12.000 and left the exact same way he entered, at around 05.00 pm. What striked as weird to the police was how easy it was to the burglar to enter and to get out, nobody seeing anything that could even serve as a clue to this clown mystery.

Security Theories

The great majority of the players that where in the place went immediately to the ground and others started running towards the exits, making it very difficult for the casino security force to cease the clown. Even with his costume he quickly faded into the crowd. Many security experts have their doubts about the whole happening, suspecting this casino news where generated by staff of the casino.

Although the casino has not given an official version of the event, police arrested one of the guards at the casino identified as Cristian Poblete, 26, who allegedly was involved in the robbery

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