The other side of slots machine nobody wants you to know

The slot machine is a magnet; it is a magnet that few of us can resist its temptation once we walk into a casino. For casino owners, it is a the goose that lays the golden egg, one that should always be preserved because with spin, the casino accounts get bigger and bigger…In fact, the slots machine is what has made the casino industry to be the industry it is today- a billion dollar industry.

But, there is a back-story

A story that is rarely told, and even if it is told, it is only said in hush tones…is the slot machine a farce, an easy money making venture, meant to rip off casino goers as they laugh, and believe that they are enjoying the best moment of their life?

Here‘s why

Did you know that there is nothing like defeating a casino house? Even if the payback for a slot machine is 90%, the house will still win. Most slot machines are programmed to keep eleven cents for every dollar played.  Since slot machines are a form of gambling, as per the practice, they should be revealing the odds of winning a prize, but they are exempt from doing so, the government never compels them to do so. When the national lottery has a promotion, the government compels them to declare the odds of winning.

The reason for this is simple, if people knew the odds of winning; they would rarely make the trip to a casino. An ordinary slot machine usually displays three spinning reels with each reel having about twenty symbols.  A symbol on each reel equates to a jackpot symbol. If things were as they are supposed to be, the chances of winning a jackpot would be one in eight thousand. Let do some maths; 20×20×20 gives 8,000. The hidden truth is that the odds of winning are far worse. Winning a jackpot is like finding a needle in a haystack. Of course, many people do win Jackpots, going home with their financial lives solved for some year (some cases even for life). If you with to increase your chances of success, you can visit Mathematics, Slots and Knowledge for some interesting tips

Skewed programming

The slot machine is programmed to make more stops that the twenty symbols that are visible on the reel. The slot machine makes approximately 256 stops on each reel.  The random number generator facilitates all this. It might interest you to know that the random number generator is always in motion even if when there is no play.

The other trick played by slot machine is near misses. In a slot machine, two numbers represent the jackpot symbol; 255 and 256. The losing blank line below above the jackpot image corresponds to more of the random numbers compared to the image, this increases a player chance of hitting blanks stops right to the winning symbol. The result is that a perception of a near win is created making the player play more in the hope of getting it “right” this time round, but nothing can be further from the truth. Also, don’t be deceived by the many Common Myths that surround slot machine playing. Many of these are promoted even by casinos so you loose even more money.

It is over before you begin

Each time, a button is pushed, then most likely the game is over. To many players there is nothing more exciting than seeing the reels spin around before stopping on a number or a symbol, but this is just a scheme of raising your expectations. The modern slot machine has no spinning reel it is just a screen. The moment you push the button, the slot machine has long determined the outcome. Everything that comes after including “near misses” is just an illusion meant to deceive to play more. Would it be better if there were a screen with the words: “You have lost!” These is also the path of the slot cheater, many use obscure methods to up their chances.

The truth is just slot machine are a raw deal to many people around the globe, it a truth that few people would like to hear even those who have been driven bankrupt.

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