The world’s biggest bingo winners – and the world’s most famous players

You may not have thought that bingo can make you rich nor famous – but perhaps it can. After all, there are a few examples of people who have won some staggering amounts of cash playing online bingo and who have, therefore, received a degree of fame.

Meanwhile – there are various famous names around the globe who enjoy the great game – or who have been associated with bingo in the past – and a couple of these may surprise you.

So here – we give you a few of each; the bingo-rich and the bingo-famous and a couple of people who qualify for both…

Firstly, the world’s record bingo win came in December 2012 when 60 year-old John Orchard from Lincolnshire, England, a worker in the local Jobcentre, landed a whopping £5.9million. And John’s stake money was just 30p – so you see it can be done if you get lucky enough.

John’s mega prize came via a progressive bingo jackpot. With progressive jackpots, the collective kitty steadily builds through a small percentage of each player’s stake until one lucky winner unlocks the huge prize with just the right combination of numbers as lucky John did (who, by the way, went straight out and treated himself to a brand new Jaguar – and left his job of course!).

You can even have a chance of landing a similar online bingo jackpot for nothing if you hunt around the web for bingo you can find online free. Alternatively, you can deposit a little of your own cash and try and pick up a few welcome bonuses here and there to try and maximize your chances of winning a life-changing amount like John did.

John’s win just eclipsed that of 36 year-old Greek businessman ‘Georgios M‘ who won €6.3million in an online casino a couple of years earlier. In the UK, meanwhile, the previous record wins belonged to 38 year-old Soraya Lowell from Lanarkshire who landed £1.2million in 2008 and 53 year-old Christine Bradfield from Merthyr Tydfil who won £1.1million the same year.

As for the famous names associated with bingo, well some of the world’s most famous bingo players are said to include Her Majesty the Queen and her grandson, Prince William. Reputedly, the pair enjoy a game of bingo together on family occasions. In fact, the prince was once spotted during a night out with friends at a bingo club near Sandhurst military academy, when he was in training there, back in 2006.

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Other famous names from around the globe who like to get their “eyes down” include Hollywood A-listers Russell Crowe (who once worked a bingo caller) and Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, who first learned to love the game in her native Welsh valleys. Also, Take That stars Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow are both believed to enjoy a game of bingo, along with the wild man of rock Ozzy Osbourne’s now equally famous wife, Sharon Osborne – along with Denise van Outen, Katie Price and Barbara Windsor.

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