Things You Should Never, Ever, Do Inside A Casino

Casino etiquette guides are a dime a dozen. They often tell you the basic rules of behavior and protocol that is expected out of every self-respecting casino patron that enters a gambling facility.

What they don’t tell you are the small things which are considered very taboo and/or annoying that should never be done inside a casino. Here they are, in a handy list form that you can study at your leisure.

You shall not take photos indiscriminately

Some casinos outright ban the taking of photos inside their premises. This is not always the case though; so if you really want to take pictures, better ask for permission from the casino’s admins first.

You shall not let your chips be disorganized

Always keep the higher denomination chips at the bottom of your stacks. The reason for this is that it discourages petty thieves from nicking a few easy chips from the top of your piles as they walk by. Also, it’s always best to “color up” (i.e. exchanging multiple lower denomination chips to one or fewer higher value chips) so that you can hold and keep track of them properly.

You shall not do anything that you will regret seeing on-camera

Remember, casinos are filled to the brim with cameras and “eyes in the sky” that record your every move. You can’t cheat your way out of the system. Every move you make can and will be used against you if ever the need arises. So make sure not to do any sort of funny business while you’re inside a casino.

You shall never hand money directly to the dealer

Dealers are not allowed to touch a player’s money or chips, especially in table games like craps, poker, and blackjack. You should lay out your chips or money neatly in front of you where the cameras can easily see them and let the dealer take it from there. This is a safety precaution that all casinos do to prevent cheating.

You shall not ignore the hard work put in by casino employees

Be courteous, polite, and cheerful, and don’t forget to tip whenever and wherever you can. Even if you’re on a losing streak, say for blackjack, make sure that you give a token amount to the dealer just to show your appreciation. The same goes for servers, waitresses, and casino staff too.

You shall not pester the servers for comps and free drinks

No, you can’t cheat the casino to earn free comps. If you’re betting only the minimum amount at every game, your chances of earning comps is basically nill. Casinos have a way of tracking your average bet (usually through player cards) and most servers are actually forbidden on serving you drinks if you haven’t covered the cost of them yet.

You shall never expect on winning everytime

Go to the casino for fun, not for money. The house edge is there for a good reason: it’s to assure that the casino will always win over you. Unless you’re a professional poker player with Stu Ungar-like skills, always expect to lose money.

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