Top 10 Craps Tips to improve your game

Craps is one of the most involving games in the casino. Craps is a game that calls for a player to learn both craps rules and tips if success is to be realized. If you are new to the game and searching for the best craps tips, look no further as the article is tailored to provide you with the right tips. The tips recommended in this guide are applicable when playing both craps online and offline.

Craps tips 1: Place the bets with the best expected returns

To achieve this, you should do the following

• Place a bet on a 6 or 8

• When you make a point roll, place a maximum allowed odds bets

• When you make a point roll, place the maximum allowed odds bets

Craps tips 2: Learn the rules of the game

It is foolhardy to play craps before learning the rules of play. Learning the rules is the first step in winning the game of craps. Learning the rules is done through practice especially. If you are a novice, it is advisable to learn how the game is played online. Many online casinos have practice games where you can horn your skills free of charge.

Craps tips 3: Set a limit before playing

You should set a limit to control on time and money you spend while playing craps. Whereas, craps is an exciting game on the flip side if one is not careful it might lead to addiction. Being discipline with time and money should be part of your game.

Craps tips 4: Avoid preposition bets

Proposition bets are settled with one a single roll of the dice located at the centre of the craps table. You should avoid this bet because dealers are trained to tempt players into placing prepositional bets reason being that the prepositional bets have a higher house advantage.

Craps tips 5: Avoid taking advice from other players

As a rule of thumb, when playing craps, avoid the temptation to take advice from other players. Never assume that you will always be given the right advice or other players understand on how to calculate odds.

Craps tips 6: Placing of pass line and don’t pass line bets

To win a pass line bet, place your bet on the line along with shooter. You will win if the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven. By placing a bet on the Don’t pass line bet, your are implying that the dice will result in a 12, 3, or a 2. The bet is done by placing on the don’t pass line.

Craps tips 7: Sign up with online forums

Make a point to join online craps forums. Here, you will find ideas from players who have played the games for a long period. Such advices are invaluable as it comes from players who understand all the essentials of the game.

Craps tips 8: Learn craps etiquette

Craps etiquette will enable you to know how to carry yourself as you play the game of craps. It is important to note that some casino throws out players who do not have the required etiquette of craps.

Craps tips 9: Tip craps dealers

Craps dealers do not in any way dictate how the game moves. They are only there to guide you and other places through the paces of the game. Most dealers rely on tips from patrons to help them survive, tipping them creates a bond, and they will reciprocate with invaluable advice to help drive your game.

Craps tips 10: Have fun

Playing the craps is not all about winning. Fun should be a major part of your game. Make sure you have fun, winning should come as a reward, if you fail there will always be next time.

If you are getting started  in craps, you may be interested to check our craps guide for beginners and get further not-to-miss information to improve your chances to win.

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