Top 4 casino tricks utilized to keep the players wallet open

Casinos could be defined as venues of entertainment and as such, they utilize certain casino tricks to keep players happy while they gamble money in different kinds of game while socializing or seeing the pretty bright lights. As any kind of entertainment business, casinos employ certain tactics to take the most of its customers. While some may seem very obvious to the seasoned player, others are much more subtle and misleading. The sole objective of a casino is to make players feel like home, in a fun and non-stressful environment. Today, in this two part saga, we are going to talk about the top 8 casino tricks to make players feel right on the spot.

The time? I don’t know…

This trick would be more relevant in the early nighties, but none the less it still works wonders. You will never find a clock inside the casino premises. It is known that fun can make people forget about the hour so don’t expect casinos to try to remind you the hour.  Also remember that there are no windows, so you can be all the afternoon inside the place and not even notice it, but more on this casino trick later. In this day and age almost everyone always carries a cellphone, so the hour is right there in the pocket. But many times one can easily neglect to take it out. There is nothing like having a clock on the wall and the casino knows it. In some countries, like the UK, casinos are obliged to let players know the hour and to promote breaks for long playing players.

The lion’s den has no windows

In the majority of casinos you will be able to find a couple of windows near the entrance or near the exit, but that’s about it. The main reason behind this casino trick is directly related with the lack of clocks inside of casinos. The management doesn’t desire that the player knows the time of day, and a mere glimpse of external light can tell the player he is been inside the place for many hours. Many consequences derive of this, like your internal clock telling the player it’s time to sleep or go home. The outside world is filled with stimulation, so it’s in the casinos best interests that there is no way to see it. Take the casino as another dimension, where nothing outside its premises exists.

Constant motion and bright lights

Welcome to the paradise of stimulation. Everywhere there are lights and gorgeous girls. Sum to this the constant sounds of machines, laughter, drinks and you have found what could be described as the best place on earth. Everything is fascinating and the player has thousands of chances to win a big pot of money. If you guide why the inside titles, it would seem as almost everyone is winning, but in reality the majority are going home with empty pockets. The deal that makes this one of the best casino tricks is that an optimistic and happy environment lessens the players sense of loss, so they continue gambling. Euphoria is everywhere and the hypnotic lights make the player lose himself in the extravagant atmosphere. Is pretty difficult to resist the excessive charm of casinos.


Just remember everything you know about easy accesses to basic services such as bathrooms. To find them, you will have to look thoroughly. The reason behind this casino trick is that you walk around as much as possible and that in that time, you see something worth gambling for. Imagine just how many players must have thought “well, one more coin for lucks sake”. Shoppings utilize the same strategy, so clients buy one more thing while they are looking.

Well, I hope that’s enough for the day. Being a smart player is a fundamental key to taking the most out of any casino. You can always head up to and try your luck. This knowledge applies for both physical presence casinos and online casinos.

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