Top Secrets that Most Casinos Won’t Tell You

Casinos are carefully designed to accommodate all types of players. Whether you’re a mere slots aficionado or a seasoned high-rolling card shark, these establishments are organized in such a way that they can keep you mesmerized and glued to your seat for hours on end.

Of course, you already know that going to a casino is an easy way to drain your wallet. But did you know that…

…there are no clocks and windows inside most casinos?

The reason for this is simple: casinos don’t want you to be conscious of the time that you spent playing. Clocks allow you to keep track of time, while windows give you the opportunity to check what time of the day it is, and open up chances for distraction. You are basically blocked off from the outside world.

…the fancy, flashing lights and festive sounds are there to make it sound like you’re winning?

Slot machines are particularly guilty of this feature. They entice and draw players in with lights and sound. Have you ever seen a quiet machine without the “ca-ching!” the bells, the whistles? Of course you haven’t. Even if you’re on a losing streak, the machine will still sound like you’re hitting a jackpot.

…dealers and cocktail servers get annoyed if you don’t tip them?

The majority of these people’s wages are gained from tips. So, if you do manage to hit a win or a jackpot, make sure to tip your dealer generously. You are also more likely to be served drinks and get attended to if you are constantly tipping the servers.

…free drinks are meant to impair your judgment and common sense.

Those drinks are not mere comps (freebies) that are given away to keep patrons happy. They also serve a more sinister purpose: When you’re drunk, you’re more likely to play haphazardly. You bet on bad hands, you stay far too long on the poker table, and you gamble way too carelessly. In other words, the drunker you are, the more money the casino makes off you.

…the casino knows when you’re trying to scam comps?

Yes, the casino does know when you’re being a cheapskate in order to score some comps. They are aware that you are betting only the minimum amount when the servers pass you by. In some casinos, most servers try to check if you’ve already covered the cost of your drinks before handing you one. Also, never try to make the bartender give you free drinks. Demanding free shots from the bar is something that can potentially get the servers and bartenders fired.

…a casino’s floor layout is designed like a maze?

You won’t easily find your way around a casino; there is sometimes no logical organization to its floor plan. The layout is specially designed like a labyrinth, with card tables and machines popping out of random areas and placed in unexpected spots.

…if you want to maximize your winnings, don’t play roulette or slots.

Play craps and blackjack. Most casino connoisseurs agree that these two games offer players the best chances for winning. In some establishments, the house advantage for blackjack only stands at one-percent (since you are only playing against the dealer not a professional card shark).

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