Tricks used by Casinos

At the end of a casino game you would either be smiling or frowning when you walk out of a casino or log-off from your computer. Off-course most of the player prefers the latter. However, to achieve this fete does not come on a silver platter as casinos have ingenious methods that they employ to make sure that they profit at the end of the day.

Towards this goal, casino tricks and strategies ultimately ensure that they have the last laugh at the end of the day. The tricks employed by casinos are not necessarily dirty, but they have been well crafted to ensure that it become very difficult for you to win. This article will review some of the rules that you should use to prevent losses on your side. It is important to point out that there are no official casino tricks rules.

Casino trick one- go to a casino with a specific amount

You should online head to a casino with a predetermined amount of money. This will avoid the temptation of playing more games than you had anticipated. One of the casino tricks used is the “close-shave” trick where you are tricked into believing that you nearly won. The result is that you continue playing more games in the belief that lady-luck will smile at you. The truth is that this is like chasing the wind. You will only end up disappointed.

Casino trick two- read the term and conditions

Have you ever wondered why every casino has terms and conditions?

The reason for this is simple. Casinos are well aware that many players are simply too excited to follow the laid down rules and procedures of play. If the rules and procedures were not followed, there is no way that they will give you a prize. That said, it is very important to carefully review all the rules and regulations of a casino, ask questions where it is not clear. This way you will have no problems in claiming your prize or bonus.

Casino trick three- learn how to trick the casino

This is not about revenge or engaging in illegal activities that can result in you being blacklisted as a dirty player. You should endeavor to learn how to trick a casino in a “clean” manner. In the same way as they try to trick you. Learning this tricks come with time, learning the experience of other players, and reading widely on how best to trick a casino. It must be said that this fete is not an easy task as casino guys are among the smartest of guys.

Casino trick four- be calm and composed

Avoid the unnecessary excitement that is common in many players in a casino. You should only get excited when you win. Lack of calmness will lead to you making unwise decisions, playing more than you had anticipated, among other silly mistakes that will leave a bitter taste in your mouth at the end of the game. One aspect of being calm is looking around to see which machine offers the highest payout. This is especially important if your favorite game is slots.

Casino trick five –avoid the temptation to impress

The casino has some of the most beautiful ladies you can find. There smiles are well crafted to leave you dazed and wanting to attract their attention. Most players especially men fall into this trap. They go on and play games that they know little about and often using large sums of money. At the end of the day, you will only end up hurting your-self.

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