Understanding Craps Rules

One of the most exciting and rewarding games in a casino is the game of craps. The players bet against the casino and depending on the outcome, they can either loss the game or win the game. The objective of the dice thrower is to throw a 7 or an 11 in the first roll, these results to a win, and avoid throwing a 2, 3 or a 12 as it is a loss.

Have you ever learnt the rules of craps?

If you have not, worry no more as this article will equip you on craps rules that will give you a great start as you go on and gambling either offline or online. Before we explore on craps rules, it is imperative to note that whereas rules are first learnt theoretically first, it can only be committed to memory in an efficient way through regular practice in the free casino games available online.

Craps Rules

Four people run the game of craps i.e.

• Box man- the box man is essentially the boss of the game. The box man sits behind the middle of the craps table.

• Two dealers- they stay on each side of the box man. They pay the winners and rake the losers’ chips.

• Stick man- the stick man speeds up the game by controlling on the action of the craps dice. The stick man does this by pushing a couple of sets to the shooter after observing that all the craps bets are down.

The shooter rule

The “shooter” is the player who rolls the dice. Rolling of the dice is done in the clockwise direction. The shooter will roll the dice until the shooter craps out by either rolling a 2, 3 or a 12. The rule stipulates that in rolling, one hand is used to roll the dice and the dice must bounce off the opposite wall of the craps table before coming to a halt.

Rolled rule

This rule defines the action to be taken depending on the roll of the dice. The first roll is known as the come out Roll. This roll establishes the point. The point is the sum of the dice unless the roll is a 7, 11 or craps of 2, 3, or 12.

Pass rule

This rule stipulates that a line bet is a bet on the shooter. This bet is accomplished by either rolling a 7 or 11 on the come out roll or by first establishing a point and rolling it before rolling craps of 2, 3 or a 12.

Craps rules on bets

• Pass line bets- this wager is made by placing a chip anywhere within the pass line bet.

• Don’t pass bets- placing a bet anywhere in the don’t pass section of the layout

• Come bet- placing a bet n the come area of the table

• Don’t come bet- placing a bet in the don’t come section of the layout

• Hard ways- a player wins if the number comes exactly as on the craps table. However, it is a loss is the number comes up in any other way or incase a seven is thrown

• Field bets- this is a one-roll bet. In this type of bet, money is won on a 2, 4,9,10 and 11. Field bets have a pay-off of 2:1 and 3:1

• Propositional bets- this bets can be affected at any time with the exception of hard ways, they are all one roll bets. Proposition bets is made of the following: any seven, eleven, any craps, Ace Deuces, Aces or Box cars, Horn bets, and hard ways.

Check our craps guide for beginners to expand the information of this article and keep digging into craps rules to master the game.

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