Understanding Texas Holdem Poker Rules

To someone who has never played the game of Texas holdem poker, the game appears as a very complicated game, but nothing can be further from the truth. The rules governing the game are easy to learn, albeit with regular practice. It is this simplicity of the game rules that has made Texas holdem the most popular poker game today. If you are a Texas holdem poker beginner, then you have arrived at the right place as this article will guide you in learning Texas holdem poker rules, and definitely with more practice one day you will take the pot.

Texas Holdem Poker rules: Basic of the game

Before exploring on the rules of the game, it is of essential to explain the basics of the game to give you an overview on what Texas holdem is all about. Texas holdem is a community game played using 52 cards played on a single table. The cards are ranked from the highest to the lowest. One player usually volunteers as a dealer, however, in a casino; this role is assumed by a professional dealer. The primary aim of each player is to win the pot (collection of money made by the players).

Texas Holdem Poker rules: How the game is played

When the game starts, each player is given two cards after the dealer has shuffled the cards. The last person to be given the cards is regarded as a dealer and as such the player if marked with the dealers’ button. The button will then be placed clockwise to the next player. The game is then played for four rounds until a player takes the pot.

Some of the common rules of texas holdem poker include:

Blind placement

The game of poker usually begins after a forced placement. This is done to ensure that there is action with each hand. Two players on the left side of the dealer place the blind bets. The first player makes the first blind while the second player makes the big bend. The big blind is usually the biggest bet placed, and the small blind is the half. During a betting round, each player will be required to do the following:

• Bet-putting money in the pot
• Call-equaling another player bet.
• Check-passing a betting action.
• Raise-increasing another player bet.
• Re-raise-increasing another players raise.

First round texas holdem poker rules

In the first round, players are given two cards, and the dealer deals in the clockwise direction. The two cards issued to the players are known as “hole-card” and the “pocket-card”. Once a player has been given the cards, they select as to whether they are going to make the bet. In the first round, a player may bet, fold, raise and call but not check.

Second round texas holdem poker rules

This round is known as the flop. Three cards are turned on the table by the dealer. The three cards are known as the community cards. The remaining players continue with the bidding process. In the second round, checking, bidding, folding and calling can be taken by the players. In this round, all players must put the same amount of cash in the pot.

Third round texas holdem poker rules

This round is known as the turn. In this round, the dealer displays the fourth community card. This means that the players now have four playing cards to play with.

Fourth round texas holdem poker rules

This round is known as the river and is the final playing round. The dealer displays the fifth and final card to the players. In the final part known as the showdown, the remaining players show there cards and the winner emerges walking away with the pot.

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