US/Advertising Age casino news denotes exponential growth of marketing

Advertising Age, a marketing agency made the most headlines in casino news this week,  denoting  how the formal legalization of online gambling in the US, will end up having a huge positive effect in the advertising industry. They baptized the event the “the next boom for the advertising industry”.

The article they published contained data from H2 Gambling Consultancy, the biggest and most respected online gambling consultancy. It is believed that more than a $4 billion inversion in the online casino marketing.

Furthermore, the articled cited the worlds of entrepreneur Simon Holliday of H2 Gambling Capital, officially saying that by the dawn of 2017, the profits of online gambling done as a whole could easily surpass the profits of advertising in insurances. This by no means easy feat, if it does serve for anything, is to probe the superiority of the online casino business, one that is rising every day.

The USA future legalization could probe a problem in the UK panorama of online casino gaming. This would mean even a bigger caudal of money destined to the marketing of casino brands, increasing even more the specter of online casino marketing

Simon Holliday justification

The predictions of the man are based in solid number obtained by H2 Gambling Consultancy. The market of online casinos as a whole, based on accurate studies by H2, in 2014 will be crossing the 1 billion mark, summing to the 13 billion made in the years prior. The rising popularity of online casino gaming is taking more and more aficionados each day states Holliday. The article of the “Advertising Age” made a very interest quote to the man “It is probable that 25 to 30% of company net revenues will be spent on advertising and marketing budgets in the initial years, as there is a land grab.” Most of the business is likely to go to digital media and agencies”.

This Casino News already had repercussion in the world of gaming,  meaning  an ongoing necessity to diversify new marketing campaigns in order to achieve better results”. This is basically the principle on which Advertising Age the legalization of online gambling will have a tremendously positive effect in an already very profitable practice.

Among the considerable quantity of aspects treated in the article done by Advertising Age, a curious piece of data appears. As with any form of product, there is a target audience for the product, which will be reflected in how this boom in advertising will develop itself. The target audience will be “young adults”.

Caesars Entertainment

Advertising Age not only showed the data recollected by the HD Gambling Consultancy, showing findings made by Mitch Garber, the actual head of Caesars Entertainment. The individual had to say that in the last five years, the rate at which the online casino business has advanced is incredible. The direct of consequence of this, will be primarily shown on interactive advertising, which will receive an important inversion in the coming years. He also said that a crucial focus will be television, with advertising trying each time to make the online casino business as a whole, part of the daily life.

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