Use your eyes – Poker tell(ing)

A “Tell” in the World of poker corresponds to a certain reaction or change in the behaviour of a player that may give a clue to other players of the cards he has. Or at least suggest what kind of hand he is hiding. If a player learns how to interpret these clues, he will have a clear advantage in the game.

For someone who is new to the game of poker, it is important that the individual is able to disguise the hand they are holding, and ensure their behaviour doesn’t negatively affect the hand they are playing. This is a genuine skill in the game of poker, and one that individuals should pay the upmost respect. Be sure not to get fooled by movies as many novice gamblers certainly do.

The majority of casino scenes in movies are extremely exaggerated and overstated, so it’s obvious to anyone the kind of hand the player is holding. Also remember that when your turn to play the game comes, knowledge of tells doesn’t replace solid knowledge of the game. It’s wise to keep a lookout for any signs your opponent may send you unwillingly, so you can get the best out of the situation.

If poker is your cup of tea, you should check our thorough article about the so called Cyber Tells in the game of poker, believe it or not, some behaviours trespass the computer monitor. Remember to interpret every clue with a big dose of precaution. Many experimented players will give you “false tells” to confuse you and put you off you’re game. Before you take part in a competitive poker tournament, we highly recommend practising your trade through online poker games. You might not be able to know the game off the back of your hand, but you’ll certainly pick up some of the tell-tale signs which are extremely important in the game of poker.

Sticky eyes after flop

If the flop contains cards that give players a chance to move in big, players tend to take a look at the cards more than one time, as to reassure themselves. Chances are he has an interesting project going on there and not a simple pair.

007 chips

Players that look at their cards and later take a thorough glimpse of their chips may be preparing to unleash hell on the table. I like to call this 007 chips, similar to when Daniel Craig unleashes his killer hand in James Bond casino Royale. This one is the most basic and well known casino tells, as players most commonly take a glimpse at their cards in the most secret manner. Freud said many things about the unconscious, but we now know it can also reveal a hell of a lot on the poker table too.

Pre-flop is an attractive lady

Players who are very interested on the pre-flop are probably ready to reveal an impressive hand. A person’s senses and surroundings are the most important tool when playing poker, be sure to concentrate on your environments, and pay key attention to detail.

Tough means weak and vice versa

Players that act anxiously in an exaggerated manner, most commonly have a killer hand. Here also comes the fact that if you know the people you are playing against, you will have a greater chance knowing when they are faking.

We hope after reading this updated guide you are now more comfortable about the world of poker and the situations you may come across when playing the great game. You can always review the basics at our Beginners Guide.


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