What You Need to Know About Becoming a Professional Poker Player

Have you ever dreamed becoming of a highrolling poker star? The image of the fast-talking charismatic cardshark who is practically rolling around in dough is an image that most of us are familiar with. It has been popularized in countless of books and movies already. And for some players, it is something that they want to BECOME.

Ever since the World Series of Poker was televised, many budding amateur poker players are now eyeing on ditching their day jobs and going pro full-time. But is this a wise decision? Can you really make it big as a professional poker player?

Here are a couple of the truths that you need to consider before diving into the seemingly glamorous world of professional competitive poker:

1. You need an insane amount of money to start.

Unless you already have a substantial amount of money lying around, you need to build up your bankroll first by playing lower stakes games. Aside from this, you also need to set aside enough dough that can cover your living expenses at least six months. A word of advice though: a single horrible losing streak could instantly deplete your bankroll in just a day. You need to factor in any losses that you might encounter as you play along.

2. You need to study and play a lot.

The pros on WSOP may look cool, but what you don’t see is the hours and hard work that they put in just to have a spot at the WSOP tables. Remember the old saying that you need to practice at least 10,000 hours to become adept at something? That’s almost the same amount of effort that you need to make before you can even go near prominent poker tournaments such as the WSOP.

So what should you do to improve? First, you need to study a lot. Read poker books and online forums. Brush up on your math and statistics (yes, poker requires a lot of math, it’s not just all about bluffing your way along). Then play a lot. Build up playing experience with online poker or real-life games. Download the PokerStars NL mobile app on your smartphone so you can play anywhere you like. Just remember, you need to breathe and live poker before you can even earn syour place at high-stakes tables. Make every moment of your waking life count.

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