What you need to know about slots

Slots machines have long been a traditional aspect of casinos, so it’s little surprise to see online slots proving to be one of the most popular forms of online gaming entertainment. With streamlined gameplay, often limitless bonuses and prizes, the simplicity of modern day online slots now means you don’t need to be a gambling expert to be able to stand a chance of seeing a sizeable return on your investment. For online gambling fans looking for some instant and fast pace betting entertainment, arcade slots are now growing in popularity on many casino sites. So, while there will always be room for the traditional casino slot machines, this is definitely a new age for arcade slot fans.

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Who to trust and where to find them

One of the most efficient ways to find the best casino sites across the web is to use a third-party review portal; providing detailed breakdowns of the best casinos with reviews and feedback from both users and trusted sources alike – giving new players the chance to discover an unbiased view on a site. The established sites are hard to ignore and will likely give you a sense of confidence about your betting experience. Sites should also only accept electronic payments through trusted methods and the presence of live customer help should always be available, in case you ever encounter an issue during your gaming. Sites that don’t offer these features should generally be avoided, but there is no shortage of alternative, reputable sites out there.

Which slots to play

The ever-evolving technology used by developers now means players can enjoy a huge variety of different slots games. While traditional casinos are limited with their slot machines, there’s no such problems when it comes to virtual slots – where the glass ceiling has been well and truly smashed over the past 10 years. Multiple rows of slots are the most common online, but there is now a growing trend in hidden levels, secret rounds, bonuses and interactive gameplay that was previously unheard of in slot games. The birth of the three-dimensional platforms has been received extremely well by gambling fans, with the player now able to become much more involved in the action than before, which ultimately enhances the overall experience. As far as rewards, most sites now offer the chance for free slots or paid slots, opening the door for the player to try their luck at picking up tempting rewards, bonus spins and a host of other prizes.

How to make the most from your bonuses

While bonuses are a key part of online slots, players can be forgiven for not being aware of just how they can make the best use out of such rewards, especially those entering the online slots world for the first time. A deposit bonus will tend to provide a percentage of one’s first deposit and in some cases, this figure will even be matched, leading to more gameplay and more chances to win.

Any bonus should be thought of as a freebie when playing slots; similar to a ‘free hit’ in cricket, for example. Players will normally risk more when using a bonus; mainly due to the fact no personal funds are at stake. A number of slots are designed whilst taking this into consideration and playing a bonus or free hand can often unlock hidden levels or help build towards any rewards that may be on offer.

There are also specific bonus rounds that can be offered on a daily or weekly basis, and these rewards from the unique competitions can often prove more tempting than those encountered during a regular run of slots. These bonuses are another fantastic method of increasing your return without risking a significant investment. Experienced players won’t want to overlook the chance to play such variants and some of the biggest payoffs can be found in bonus rounds.

Where to play

With so many slot games available to betting fans, there’s never been a better time to be an online slots player. While you could be forgiven for thinking the majority of visitors to large sites such as Betfair are only using the sportsbook, slot fans could do a lot worse than step inside their casino and enjoy a huge selection of slots. Betfair have a range of prices on regular sporting events such as the upcoming Ryder Cup (Golf) and the Japanese Grand Prix (Formula One), but you also need a few casino games to keep people occupied while the sports aren’t taking place.

The Betfair Arcade gives players the benefit of using a multi-platform approach, which gives users a choice of over 100 games to choose from – including the exciting IGT slots – with the newer releases now receiving more attention than the catalogue’s stalwarts. From some of Microgaming’s top titles, to Cryptologic’s (who were taken over by Amaya Gaming Group in 2012) superheroes games or even Net Entertainments and Ash Gaming’s all-time classics, you won’t be bored in this online casino.

Software & Graphics

Using software developed by PlayTech, the two industry leaders have combined to provide players an enjoyable experience from start to finish. PlayTech offers one of the most stable gaming platforms, allowing you to play their slots without any lag-time or stop-start gameplay that plagues some other sites online. The incredible graphics are an unavoidable reminder of just how far the industry has come and a reminder of just how much of an amazing experience gaming can be.

Customer Support

The customer support provided by market-leaders may be what you would expect from established businesses, but it’s still a very important part of what makes several companies such a good choice for new players and old. With customers able to reach a team of knowledgeable and trained staff by phone, email or live interactive help. Many issues can be resolved by the site’s thorough FAQs page and video tutorials, but any problem that needs an immediate response can be handled by the live interactive help option.

Overall experience

Just how easy a site is to use is also a key feature in the world of online gaming. With well-produced and simplistic lay-outs, any player entering the online betting world for the first time should find themselves at ease with the systems. Another great aspect of any respectable site will be that you can take games mobile, with apps available on the app stores across several devices, including iPhone and Android. While the extension to the app market could be seen as a non-relevant point, in today’s day and age a casino worth using should be in tune with the needs of the current market – which is to have thing’s in the palm of your hand.

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