Which are the most popular online casino games?

The emergence of online gambling and casino games has been a real game-changer for the industry.

It has enabled people who enjoy the excitement of games of chance, to indulge in this hobby wherever they are. No longer do you need to track down a casino, if you are travelling or on holidays or just sitting at home, you can now easily log on and start playing as long as you have a smart phone or computer of some sort at your disposal.

One of the interesting things to look at is which games are the most popular online.

It makes sense that playing casino games online is a different experience to playing a game at an actual casino, so the mot popular games at a casino are not necessarily going to be the most popular online.

In this article we take a look at which games have successfully made the transition and have become popular in the online gambling world.


Bingo or keno-stule numbers games are popular options in casinos around the world – particularly in casinos in Asia. It’s a relatively straightforward game and you can see that it is easily a game that can be played online. It is no wonder that this has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular online games, with entire sites dedicated to creating online bingo-playing communities.


Slot-machines are a massive feature of any casino, with banks and banks of brightly coloured, flashing and whirring machines churning through tubs of coins. Again, this is a relatively simple game that relies on randomly spinning wheels in order to make a match and win some prizes. Massively popular online, slot machine games were one of the first to be embraced by the online casino operators.


This is one of the iconic casino games that has helped to define the casino experience around the world. While Roulette is widely available on online casino sites, it is not generally as popular as some of the other online games. This is probably because much of the thrill of this game is watching the ball spinning around the turning wheel and trying to will it it land where you need it to.


Blackjack is another traditional casino game that is widely available on online casino sites. Blackjack is a game that requires very little set-up or equipment – essentially you just need a pack of cards and some chips or some other form of value. Widely played on online casinos but perhaps not as popular as some of the other games you can find online.


This is without doubt the big hitter in terms of casino games. Hugely popular in casinos around the world, it is as an online game that Poker has really come to the fore. Huge international online tournaments are now played on a regular basis, with major prize-money up for grabs. Online poker enables you to create a virtual poker table with other players who also have a passion for the game.

Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, online casinos and their huge variety of games are only a click away.

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