WSOP History & Legacy

The World Series of Poker, known by its acronym WSOP, is a collection of the best poker tournaments conducted of the world. For several days, the cremé de la cremé of poker players around the world unite under the same roof to do the ultimate spectacle of their beloved spot. Las Vegas hosts this great event every year since 1970, the group’s major poker events worldwide.The World Series usually coincide with the start of summer, another reason to approach the city and witness this event. Nothing like seeing high stakes poker under a sunny day.

The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino Las Vegas welcomes poker players from all over the world to try to fulfill the dream of being considered the best in the world.

Luxury and money, glamur and chips, all this and more can be found in Las Vegas when the WSOP takes place. Such was the glamur of the competition, that surprisingly the main event of the tournament was held in a hotel in which all rooms are suites. Then, lost deep within a hidden vault, lies the ultimate prize, the coveated Bracelet, which marks the poker champion. When players reach the WSOP there is a time for fun, but also a time for pondering and concentration, as huge numbers of money are risked in every pot.

Where professionals dwell

The World Series of Poker is no place for beginners reluctant to pay for the tickets. Players that enter the tournament tend to be professionals that live of the game or incredible players with a job capable of sustaning the game.  Since the amount of to play in a game can range between $ 1,000 and $ 10,000, people with weak hearts should stay away. This is a place where its imperative that players are sure of their abbilities. In this poker tables, there is no such thing as luck.

Ultimate Poker Event

The WSOP history goes back  more than 30 years, and its popularity continues to increase each passing day. Evenmore with the dawn of social networks (Facebook, Twitter) online comunities for either enthusiasts and players have been created, giving them a chance to express their love for the game. Haundreds of  players expect this time of the year to dust up the car and road trip towards Nevada, in search of glory. Earlier this year we made a quick guide to give a notion to players of fours ways to make it into WSOP. This is no competition to lose 5 bucks, here if you lose, you must lose big time. The smallest prize a player can pay at this competition is his pride, as money may become a memory in a few seconds. The privilage of the win is reserved to a select few, but as we say at Casino Cheers, someone  must win, so why not you.

For an epic clousure: few succeed and many fall, but in the blink of a river… legends are born. 

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