WSOP October – main event and final showdown

The World Series of Poker is the most recognized and lucrative poker tournament. With each passing year, the crème de la crème of poker players face off in a fierce battle to probe once again why poker is one of the most exciting games around. Between the 28th and 30th of October, the main event shall resume in Las Vegas, for what we hope will be the greatest WSOP of all.

Since around 2007 the WSOP made some changes to its mechanics, in order to give a brief break to players. Normally, the main event of the tournament would resume on November, but this year the break was shortened.

This tights the players time to study their opponents and refine the skills. On the other hand, many players have rejoiced, believing it will give them a firm advantage.

Training with experts

Like in many sports tournaments, players have the chance to witness their opponents matches. It marks the ideal occasion to learn the  poker tells of many future opponents, maybe even get a glimpse of their main strategy. If there is a tense place in a poker tournament, the WSOP final table takes the prize. You could cut the silence with a knife, as all attendants have concentrated to the maximum level.

It surely is difficult to train alone, so sometimes the help of professional players may probe imperative. Names like Daniel Negrenu or poker favorite Phil Ivey are known for giving advice and helping players that will be a part of the final. Negrenu never won the main event, but was able to reach the final table of the main event. On the other hand, Phil Ivey has won it, making himself reach stardom inside the poker world.

Final table roundup

Jesse Sylvia is taken as the probable winner of the tournament. The win could award him a nice amount of $8.52 million, holding holds 43,875,000 in chips. Then we can find Andras Koroknai in the second place, with 29,375,000 chips. In the third spot we have Greg Merson, holding a handful of 28,725,000. Even if Sylvia is far ahead in the chip count, the final table is known for giving surprises, so anything could happen.

Along with Jesse Sylvia, Andras Koroknai and Greg Merson, we have Steven Gee, Michael Esposito, Robert Salaburu, Jacob Balsiger, and Jeremy Ausmus (in order of amount) filling the other spots in the final table. Ausmus wil be the one facing the greatest challenge, with only 9.805.000 chips.

Here you can find a brief summary of what happened on July 16 ¡the last date before october and the finals!

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