Yahtzee with Buddies – Free Online Dice Game!

Hasbro’s classic dice games have long been marketed towards children and families, but a new mobile game from Scopely called Yahtzee With Buddies is changing everything you thought you knew about tossing dice.

Scopely has taken the board game we all know and love, and added radical new modes and competitions that will thrill fans of the original game, mobile gaming fans and online gamblers alike.

Here’s an overview of some of the modes you’ll only find in Yahtzee with Buddies.

Online Head to Head

Whether you and a friend are in the same room or thousands of miles apart, Yahtzee with Buddies makes it fun and easy to compete against people you know, as well as new competitors you’ll meet through the game. Both players can use the same screen with a local pass and play option, or load up the Wi-Fi to throw down online. These games are fun, but for those gamblers out there, there’s one mode built just for you.

Dice Duel

Yahtzee with Buddies lets you enter tournaments and daily events, as well as access other game features, by using Diamonds. You can also gamble your Diamonds online via the Dice Duel multiplayer option. Simply send an invite with the number of diamonds you wish to gamble, and once your opponent accepts the stakes are set and the game is on – winner take all.


Enter live online tournaments to win huge in-game prizes! Join groups between 10 and 100 real players and compete in daily or rapid-fire matches until only Yahtzee player remaining! Your online friends can join in the same tournaments as you – yet another way for you and your real-life buddies to compete.

Weekly Events

Whether you’re tracking Ferris Bueller, or taking down a gang of house pets, every week the Yahtzee with Buddies team rolls out a new set of single and multi-player challenges for you to complete. These challenges often introduce new rules and are sure to provide a fresh challenge for and your friends as you play.

These are only a few of the modes available to you in Yahtzee with Buddies. Even for single players who prefer to go lone wolf, there are tons of CPU challengers to defeat, achievements to unlock, and collectibles to gather. There is new content releasing nearly every week, so there’s no better time than now to start shaking, rolling and shouting with friends in Yahtzee with Buddies.

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